Motion Picture

While It Grew, 2017

In everything we do, in everything we are, in everything we want to be and achieve, patience is required.
Patience to let it fester, patience to accept, patience to succeed, patience to heal. 
But unfortunately patience is something we lack more and more today.

In a super-fast world where we are spoiled with getting exactly what we want in almost that exact second, we are forgetting the importance of letting things take their time. 
We lose the opportunity to long for something, to appreciate, and perhaps worst of all, to feel pride, a sense of fulfillment. 

Don’t rush what needs time and nourishment to grow.
For life isn’t just wishes and wishes fulfilled, life is everything in between.

Insomnia, 2017

It is during the time we sleep that our body and mind get a chance to recover, recuperate and improve.

But achieving quality sleep has become more difficult than ever before.


With mobile phones, computers, games, and other "unnatural interference” we are becoming more stressed and have a harder time turning our brains off to do one of the most natural things ever - sleep.

That in turn can lead to finding it difficult to collect one's thoughts, becoming slower, forgetting faster, increasing the risk of having accidents, anxiety, hallucinations and depression, giving similar effects to those seen in acute brain injury, amongst other things. The body and the mind are slowly breaking down.


Today, more and more people are seeking help to achieve quality sleep.

But unfortunately, far from many get the help they need.

Sleep deprivation is one of the largest and throughout time the most commonly used method of torture.

Nothing Is Ever What It Seems, 2014


Just because something seems to be in a certain way does not mean that that is the case.

Today, when we are so influenced by advertisements, news, and perhaps most of all, social media, it’s easy sometimes to lose perspective. 


When we, for instance, see pictures and status updates from our friends on FB, we think we know what kind of life they are living.

However, we really haven’t got a clue. For what we see is only a fraction. 

Just the fraction that the who conveys it wants us to see. 


The inspiration for this piece came through an observation of comedian Russell Brand. The news always reported on his "outrageous" behaviour, discussed his life from both past and present without ever mentioning that this might be a person who isn’t

feeling well. Hence the "extreme" behaviour. 


Just because a person has money, fame, glory does not mean that it is a happy individual. Here we get to see the upper class, working class and some sort of higher power that everyone must be held accountable to.