Art has always been with me and most of us in one way or the other.

It has also been my main focus over the last few years. 


I love to explore and work with a lot of different techniques and styles, therefore I change styles often and try to develop new ones. My abstract art is usually based on a strong feeling and driven by it, where not much thinking is involved but just doing. The animations are planned out carefully down to every little detail and all else is something in between, a bit of feeling, a bit of planning and sometimes a whole lot of researching. 


The gallery called “Creativity” will help you discover a lot of the different styles and different techniques. Most of the paintings already have new homes but if you see a style you like or would like to order a print of the already sold paintings

you can do so by contacting me. 


To see my everyday sketches, drawings, paintings

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The bigger projects will be posted under the

Latest” on this page. 

So don’t forget to stay tuned. 


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Hi and most welcome to my art page!

Yours sincerely 

Xenia Popaja