With a background as a make-up artist / costumier I got a neurological condition a few years ago that made me change my path. 

When I got ill about 80 % of my energy disappeared. 

Having always thought that my energy was what made me me, this was very difficult to process. For years I tried to get myself back, with exercise, sleep and heavy medication but nothing had any effect, until I got back to being creative. 


The periods when I get to develop ideas, create, induce reactions, all else disappears. 

Then, everything negative disappears. My efficiency, vitality and energy are back, although it had seemed like I had lost these abilities for good.  

A while ago I totally crashed and felt there was nothing left of me other than pain, anxiety, panic attacks and a big dark hole. 

I remembered reading that the part of the brain which causes panic attacks is the same part we use when doing creative things. So for instance, if you occupy it with painting no panic should be able to occur. I woke up every morning feeling like the ground would swallow me alive. As soon as I got up I sat in front of a canvas and painted until I almost fell off the chair (once I actually fell off it because I had fallen asleep painting). This is how 8 months (17 hours per day) of my life looked like a few years ago. 

But every cloud has a silver lining, and this led to my first art exhibition; “By Örebro, For Örebro”. And also a part in Open Art, 2017. 


During this time I fell in love. I fell in love with Art and the freedom of it. 

For freedom is something I’ve always searched for. Throughout my life. In everything I have done. In a society that is trying, in my opinion, to keep us as locked and trapped as possible it is magical to be able to travel to a world that is completely free from all rules and musts  - The World of Art.

Personally, I demand change almost constantly. Therefore I must vary techniques and styles, and through that path find new ways to express my thoughts, reflections and emotions. 

I can not help but being inspired by everything. Everything from scents to melodies, from sadness to happiness. I have many ideas, and with time as my enemy, I had to learn to work quickly and efficiently to manage to create what I have imagined before the next idea comes and takes over me. As a new love, every time. When that happens nothing else in the world exists.

I hope you enjoy exploring "Creativity" and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with me. 

Also, welcome back every now and then for an update of the "Latest". 

Yours sincerely 

Xenia Popaja